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It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I flew to Seattle to be a part of Don Giannatti’s Tabletop Lighting Workshop on Creative Live! It was truly a life-changing experience. Here’s a a few pics of the amazing people I met.

Don Giannatti – amazing teacher and all-around great guy. We had so much fun hanging out after the show each night, wandering around Seattle taking pictures, and talking about the business of photography.
Brett Doss & John Cornicello – Don’s sssistants on set.
Creative Live Staff: Kenna Klosterman, Celeste Olds, Kate Hailey, LaRea Lobdell, Russ Andes, Ian Spiers, Arlene Rubin.
Fellow Students: Lori Patrick – my roomie and night-crawling buddy; fellow P52-ers – Barbara Tozier, Charles Howard, Keith Kasniak; and Paola Thomas.