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How We Work With You

You have an idea. Or maybe you don’t…

Perhaps you have a vague concept that needs a burst of creativity and innovation.
Super 9 Studios can take your concept and bring it to life. We can help you say what you want to say.

Need a hero shot for your ad campaign?
We do photo composites or shots in-camera. We shoot with the end goal in mind.
We design the image to fit your specs. Every photo is created for maximum impact.

We’re not just going to take a pretty photo of your product…

Super 9 Studios will help you sell your brand, your product, or your idea through breathtaking imagery and with an offbeat edge.

We share our vision.  We share our expertise.  We offer our brainSTORMing power. And we take a damn good photo.


~ Conceptual Imagery~

Take a concept like “AIR”- an imperceptible element we were asked to depict in a photograph for a client. Using a blend of whimsical imagination and abstract thinking, this is what we created.

Super 9 Studios makes the invisible… visible.



We had to capture the evasive wisps of cloudy air that disappear when someone lights up.
No matter what side of the fence you fall on – anti-smoking or a cigar aficionado – we wanted to stay away from the ethical issues surrounding smoking and simply capture a picture that makes the viewer swear they can smell the smoke from where they are sitting.

~ In-Camera Projects ~



Social Media is the world’s best free advertising.
Though each platform is unique, they all have one thing in common; the photographs you use will make or break a brand’s success online. That’s why Super 9 Studios offers a social media package designed to create photos exclusively to fit the parameters of each platform.

Take a look at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and About.Me.
You’ll need small square profile shots, large horizontal banners, vertical backgrounds, and even photos that have the action on the edges of the frame. With these variations, no one photo will work for each venue.

From concept to production, Super 9 offers something that many other photographers do not.
We start by brainstorming with you to find the perfect idea to highlight your business or brand. We design the set with the end goal in mind – a photo for a particular frame on a specific platform.
We produce, shoot, and edit, delivering to you a fantastic streamlined and cohesive set of photos that will captivate your fans and followers.

We even offer web services and design, as well as content management for your social media profiles.

There’s no other way to put it…

It’s Super.



Making Ninth Square Market’s sandwich look delicious was not difficult.
The colors and textures got along quite well with the camera! However, this client came to us because the photographer he had hired previously was not able to give him an image that worked for the purpose the owner had in mind.

The parameters of the image were already predetermined. The photo was to be used on a website and brochure with text overlaid on the image. It had to be a horizontal banner with white text to the left of the sandwich.
With this goal in mind, we shot the sandwich, giving it a dark background so the text could easily be read.

We did eat the sandwich when the shoot was over.
After all, part of our goal was to make the photo so tantalizing, no one would be able to resist eating it.

It was super.


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