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Our newest Happy Client is Matt Berky of Massive Productions, LLC, located in Rocky Hill, CT.

Our goal was to shoot 2 images for their homepage that showed a seamless transition from an empty studio, to a busy studio. First we had to find the right angle to shoot from; we needed to include every corner of the room, yet make it look accessible. We started with the 16-35mm, but decided everything looked too far away, distorted, and detached; so we went with the 24-105mm on a sturdy tripod. We dialed the shutter speed down so that with the slightest movement, the people in the shot would look blurred. The result was successful almost immediately, but we took a few extra shots for good measure. We shot tethered to a laptop so Matt could approve the shots on the spot.

The Massive Productions studio is so cool that we couldn’t help but get some detail shots of the various microphones and numerous awards on display.

A little background info about Massive Productions:

Matt Berky – Owner/Engineer/Composer

As an award-winning Composer and Production Engineer, Matt Berky brings years of experience and his celebrated style to every project large or small. Whether recording voice-over artists, composing music or producing sound design, Matt infuses his award winning sound into everything he does.

By six years old Matt was already being classically trained on violin, later earning the top rankings in the state. This love for music swelled while studying music at The University of Hartford as a young teen. Matt made the natural transition of violin to guitar majoring in jazz theory and improvisation at Plymouth State University in NH. Acclaimed for his body of work, Matt was honored with the highest composition award by the University in 2001.

Matt’s work has been acknowledged by the Silver Microphone Awards, the prestigious Telly Awards for his music scoring and the Communicator Awards for his radio production technique. His music can be heard around the world on radio and television, medical animations, corporate videos, films and documentaries.

Matt’s acclaimed music score for “The Inner Life of a Cell” produced by Harvard University in 2007 has brought Massive Productions world-wide acclaim. Featured on ABC World News with Charles Gibson, the video has circled the globe, helping teach biology students all over the world pairing animation with Matt’s innovative sound design and composition.

Communicator Award  |  Telly Award2009
Communicator Award, 1 gold national winner and 2 silver winners  |  Telly Award2008
Communicator Award for the Best Commercial Campaign in the US for 2008, and two Awards of Distinction  |  Young Entrepreneur Award2007
Addy Award  |  Telly Award for Best Overall Sound2006
TOTY Award  |  Telly Award for Best Music Composition for a Non-Broadcast Film or Video