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We had a great day on Friday shooting the folks at Eagle Electric in their giant garage. It was pouring rain so it was nice to be able to drive our van right in to unpack.

Our setup was 3 speedlights on the backdrop, 2 softboxes on either side of the camera, and 2 black cards on the sides of the models to add a little shadow to the sides of their faces.
Each model also held a white reflector in their lap. We were having some technical problems with the Einsteins not staying at constant power – the levels kept creeping down randomly. We called Paul Buff and they said it’s probably the Pocket Wizards. I’m going to update the firmware today, and see if that helps.

Below are my favorites (un-retouched). I want the client to pick their finals before I start editing.

To make a long story short, I wasn’t able to get a pure white background with this setup, so I’ll be doing some masking.

Our client, Barbara from Mission Branding, was there to approve the shots and she was happy with the results.

Eagle Electric HeadshotsEagle Electric Headshots-5791Eagle Electric Headshots-5588Eagle Electric Headshots-5592Eagle Electric Headshots-5596Eagle Electric Headshots-5616Eagle Electric Headshots-5629Eagle Electric Headshots-5651Eagle Electric Headshots-5671Eagle Electric Headshots-5703Eagle Electric Headshots-5705Eagle Electric Headshots-5732Eagle Electric Headshots-5741Eagle Electric Headshots-5761Eagle Electric Headshots-5773Eagle Electric Headshots-5780Eagle Electric Headshots-5783