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A video we did for Mission Branding featuring Harry Penner and SECT Tech.

Harry Penner is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of New Haven Pharmaceuticals and has 30+ years of management experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. He has previously co-founded seven other biotechnology companies, including Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Affinimark Technologies, Prevention Pharmaceuticals, RxGen, MAKScientific, and RHEI Pharmaceuticals.

SECT Tech’s objectives are to engage the New London/Avery Point/Groton area and to support the state in its efforts to retain Pfizer and excite local entrepreneurs toward market-ready products and startups. A particular focus on life-science opportunities will be a logical element of SECT Tech’s efforts, and opportunities in the applied sciences will also be pursued as appropriate. SECT Tech activities include mentorship, business modeling, structured advising, educational programming, Hub networking events, business launch parties, investor forums and showcases, among others.

Harry Penner-SECT Tech Interview from Irene Liebler on Vimeo.