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Many of you have been following our luggage cart and poolside escapades in North Haven over the past few months.  We thought you might like to see the results!  We have nothing but great things to say about the staff and the beautiful facilities there.  Thank you, Jennifer Candido, for the opportunity to photograph your newly-renovated facility!

Crazy stuff we had to do to make these photos look good:

  • Iron bed skirts while they were still on the beds (anyone ever tried this?)
  • Make it look like none of the lamps, TVs, computers, or exercise equipment had wires
  • Open and close all the curtains 5,021 times
  • Set up the tethered capture station in the coat closet of the smallest guest room so we wouldn’t be in the shot
  • Ask the custodian to replace light bulbs in a seemingly impossible corner of the ceiling in the lobby (he did it in less than ten minutes!)
  • Photoshop out the camera in the exercise room due to mirrors everywhere!
  • Yell “DUCK!” in the lobby so the staff wouldn’t appear behind the counter in the shots (they were such good sports!)
  • Learn how to iron tablecloths in Photoshop (ironing for real life is easier than ironing for photos!) (Hey Photoshop Developers!  Can you get us an ironing tool?)
  • Eject chairs out into the hallway

best western pool, fitness, business center-2231-1000
best western pool, fitness, business center-2114-1000
best western pool, fitness, business center-2178-edit-1000
Best Western Rooms-0821-Edit-2
Best Western Rooms-0737-Edit
Best Western Rooms-0572-Edit
Best Western Rooms-0525-Edit
Best Western Banquet Hall-106-hi
Best Western Plus, North Haven, CT
best western pool, fitness, business center-2157-edit-1000