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We often get asked questions like “Can’t we just have the photos?” or “Why do we have to pay for processing?”

One of the reasons our photography looks so good is that we process each image to make it as useful as possible for you and to make it look the best it possibly can. Here are all the services that are included when we process any photo:

  • ​Import all images taken during a session from the CF cards in our cameras into our editing software​
  • Label them all with a meaningful name (useful for SEO down the line) and embed our copyright info into the files
  • ​​Cull images to the best ones​
  • Crop to specifications​ and to show only the important subject of the photo and sometimes to remove things like backdrop stands, , etc.​
  • ​Make adjustments to overall exposure, white balance, clarity, etc.
  • Light touch up to remove things like blemishes from faces, clutter, switch plates, or wires from rooms or dust from products
  • ​Add filters either to improve the photo or create an artistic look
  • ​Increase or decrease overall brightness depending on whether the photo will be viewed on a screen or printed
  • Create a uniform look among all the photos from that session if they will be used as a group on a website or in a brochure or catalog
  • ​Convert ​all photos​ from​ the​ raw .cr2 format​ that our cameras create to whatever your specification and format needs are. Usually, we give you two files for each photo: high resolution for print and low resolution for web. (​I​f we just gave you the​ raw​ files, you would not even be able to view them​ without special software.​)​​
  • ​We upload everything to an online gallery where you can easily access all the photos and download them right to your computer.
  • ​If you are getting a large number of photos, we will put them all on a flash drive and deliver them right to your door, for a small fee.


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