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Project 52 Assignment 51 – Cover image for a book on Heroes.
The assignment comes in from a most unusual client. The author is working on an interactive book discussing the myths and lore that surrounds “Heroes”. From ancient times to contemporary life, he is tracking the similarities in how people think of and treat “Heroes”.

My friend, who works for some of the best book cover designers UK has, said that he needs a heck of a cover shot. And he needs it to be both in profile and face to camera. Body language is up to you… but there is a profile and a full frontal on the face.

The neat thing is that this author is letting you run with the photograph… the bad thing is you may have to do a little research yourself. This book is not disparaging toward heroes, nor is it a fawning review of our most revered celebrities. It is a real world examination of the flaws that are sometimes overlooked – many times for good reason – of our heroes faults and petty challenges.

Our photograph is to make it instantly known that this may be a hero, but on a more human scale. You can go costume, or real life… it is your call. But you must not make a shot that looks negative, or one that is too over zealous.