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Okay, so, Irene is participating in Project 52, and I am mostly only vicariously living through her and not committing… just yet. Routine deadlines make me want to fall to the ground in a faint and let every last drop of blood drain out of my body.

Meanwhile, I could not stop thinking about the still life assignment. What is a still life anyway? Irene told me today, “Objects that you compose into an arrangement, not something you happen upon.” “OH!!” I said. I kind of knew that but never would have put it in those words. Can you tell that I didn’t go to art school?

Anyway – the assignment calls for something that evokes a peaceful feeling, if I remember correctly. I didn’t realize that when I composed “Neopets by Candelight.”

So here is my new effort. What’s more peaceful than mirepoix? Mirepoix is a traditional French culinary combination of onions, carrots and celery aromatics. It’s the base of the comfort food pyramid in my house.