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The Man in the Red Jacket contemplates "Nude Descending a Staircase" by Marcel Duchamp

The Man in the Red Jacket contemplates “Nude Descending a Staircase” by Marcel Duchamp

Recently I was invited to participate in a brand new creative project started by Melanie Biehle and Sandra Harris called We Are The Contributors, a creative community and publication built around monthly creative projects to inspire our own work and build community among creative people across mediums.

My Contribution: Mr. Biggles visits the Museum

My inspiration for this illustration was The Connoisseur by Norman Rockwell, which, I have come to realize, is one of my favorite painters.
(The image of the staircase in the background was taken off the coast of Connecticut the day after Hurricane Sandy blew through and ripped it off of someone’s home, leaving it looking very surreal in a open field of marshland…)

More about the Contributors Project from Sandra Harris & Melanie Biehle:
“Our goals for these projects are to:

See creative work that is happening outside of our direct circles
Meet new creative people to collaborate with on personal or client projects
Grow our creative community by broadening our reach and audience in organic ways that make sense (e.g., Who cares about getting “likes” from people who don’t really connect with your message or work?)
Get exposure to new ideas and inspiration and provide the same to you

Each month we will invite 10 creatives to participate in a new project. The results of this inaugural project will be introduced and published on Inward Facing Girl and Raincoast Creative Salon. Subsequent projects will be featured on the We Are The Contributors site that will include bios and links to all Contributors and their work. The first project will be featured there as well, once the site is ready to go.

We are also planning a print publication whose first issue will be published no later than June 30, 2014. The magazine will include creative profiles, spaces, work, and inspiration, as well as a selection of the monthly Contributors projects. You and the rest of the inaugural 10 will receive a complimentary copy of our first issue.

Here are the details for the first project. “


We Are The Contributors Project #1: The Armory Show
by Sandra Harris

For me history has always been about people – how they lived, who they loved, what they thought about, what they were passionate about, and what they created. On my second trip to NYC I was wandering around Manhattan on a sweltering August day. I turned a corner and bumped into the Armory Building on Lexington between 25th & 26th – the location of the 1913 Armory Show where modern art was introduced to the US. I think I might have even skipped a little, I was SO excited.

People really didn’t know much about modern art before that show. NYC wasn’t a cultural capital. Yet. The first highrise, the Woolworth Building, was just about complete. And Wall Street only dreamt of challenging London as a stock market.

After the Armory Show modern art was introduced to the masses. Vanity Fair started covering modern art. NYC department stores like Wanamakers sponsored Cubism, and fashion designers created Cubism-inspired gowns. Newspapers hired art critics to discuss modern art, and new art galleries opened up to showcase the work of young, progressive artists.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Armory Show, our first We Are The Contributors Project will use three pieces from the original show as prompts for your work. Pick one, two, or use all three to inspire the project you share with us.