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Peppers don’t stick to red jackets very easily. This photo illustration was created for a book cover design titled, “Cooking with Chili” with a general layout provided by the art director.
My idea was simple enough, but a bit challenging, technically.

Step One: Get lots of red peppers.
Step Two: Stick them to the Man in the Red Jacket.
Step Three: Light the scene and take the picture.
Step Four: Add fire.

I was able to get plenty of peppers at the local grocery store.
I figured out that heavy duty double-sided ATG tape (the kind used for picture framing) works to stick the peppers to the jacket. However, since the Man in the Red Jacket was not readily available to spend a couple of hours wearing peppers, I used the jacket from the Red Balloon image. (I’m all for recycling.)
I had about 12 red peppers to work with so I laid them out in batches on the jacket, starting with the lapels. I took several photos and stitched them together.
The fire photo was taken from my library of stock images.

See behind-the-scenes images below.

irene-liebler-Chili Cookbook Cover

Here’s the set-up:
With the jacket on the floor, I was able to secure peppers.
Lighting: Softbox on the left, gold reflector on the right.

cooking with chili-behind the scenes