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The scene is the lobby of the Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Temple Radiology Center in West Haven, CT just moments prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Grand Opening.

I say to Irene while busting through all the doors, camera in hand, “Hey! Check it out! Cops on Segways! Cool!”

I’m thinking, “I shouldn’t be goofing off like this while I’m supposed to be taking pictures of the facility.”

I snap several photos of the two cops on Segways.

They say, “HEY!! Nobody better SEE any of these photos!”

I take more pictures.


Me, “Really?” Snap, snap, snap. “That’s too bad.” Snap, snap, snap.

I put the camera down and look at them directly. “Really? You know, I could use one of these photos for my Shoot at Stranger assignment. I really can’t use it?”

“Well, what do you mean? What’s this an assignment for?”

So I explain about Project 52.

“We’ll have to ask our chief.”

I’m thinking this is going to take all day to get that kind of permission. Meanwhile, the entire grid of West Haven will come to a screeching halt while they do this for me. Yikes! I didn’t want to be that important.

Meanwhile, I notice that they’ve only “segwayed” over to a car across the parking lot. So I walk over, meet the chief, and find out that I can take photos. (Of course he gets in a jab about how I’m going to fail my assignment with pictures of them.)

Woo hoo!

I wanted to get them doing synchronized Segwaying, but they didn’t have anything worked up at the moment. Ha ha!

Later, as it turns out, they were part of the ribbon cutting ceremony, so I wasn’t goofing off after all!