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I finally got my “Stranger Portrait” for Project 52 – week 2.

I wasn’t really nervous about approaching a stranger; the question was: Where to go? Should I park my car in downtown Guilford and stalk people? ‘Oh, HE looks approachable… or maybe that lady with the dog!’

I wasn’t THAT worried because I had time (each assignment is due within 2 weeks). I had to run a few errands so I grabbed my camera  and figured, if not today, then I’ll get someone’s portrait tomorrow.

I went through the Drive-thru at Citizen’s bank… Could I ask the teller behind the bullet proof glass? Probably not. I drove around the green. Any dog walkers? Nope… too #@%*! cold today! Went to Rafael’s to find a birthday gift. Bingo! There was a friendly-looking girl at the counter, and coolness all around.

I had to be quick – there were no other customers in the shop. So I chose a gift, and introduced myself while she was ringing me up. I told her about my assignment; she agreed; I took a couple of shots, and I was done. Whew!

Now that the pressure was off, I was thinking: Who else could I get?

I went out to dinner over the weekend to celebrate my friend Chris’ birthday.
The restaurant (The River Tavern in Chester) was tiny, and in order to get to the ladies’ room, you had to go through the kitchen. It was very narrow (like a galley kitchen) and there were small openings where I could see the chefs cooking feverishly. On the way back to my table I decided to stop and ask the pastry chef if I could take his picture. Little did I know he was preparing Chris’ birthday brulee!

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