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Sandy and I have recently finished a video project for local hero, Cyril the Sorcerer (aka CJ May). In this three-minute video, Cyril the Sorcerer introduces two of his most popular environmental magic shows, “Recycling is Magic” and “MAGITRICITY” which entertain children while teaching them about recycling, alternative energy, and sustainability.

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Or visit his website for more info: www.betterworldmagic.com

Watch the Video!

Cyril the Sorcerer’s “Recycling is Magic” and “MAGITRICITY” Shows from Irene Liebler on Vimeo.

…by its ability to capture the imagination
can change the world.
As Cyril the Sorcerer, I use my magic to show people the wonder of our planet
and the power they have to protect it.

For nearly a decade I have performed Recycling is Magic, telling the story of a peaceful village
that loses everything to an army of ogres.
A wizard seems to save the day by scaring off the monsters
but is then at a loss for how to clean up the mess or,
more importantly, how to restore what the villagers have lost.

Vanishing the trash would clean things up…but the villagers would have nothing.
So the wizard uses the better magic…..recycling….and makes all the old… new.

I end this with the good news that everyone has the same power as the wizard. By using their own magic box….their recycling bin,
they can turn the old, broken and useless into the new and useful.

I end the show  with information on how to recycle clothing, computers and so many other items.
I empower children to make a big difference just as the wizard did in the story.

MAGITRICITY began as a companion piece to the “Seasons of Change” exhibit at Yale’s Peabody Museum.
Like the exhibit, it educates about the causes and effects of climate change,
but in its quick 15 minutes, MAGITRICITY takes the audience from the connection humans have to energy and climate change to the power each of us has to save energy, save money and save the planet.

Key to both shows is their ability to entertain and educate children and adults through stories, images and lessons that inspire hope and action, not fear.
By showing the impossible, magic not only makes for spectacle and wonder that engage….
magic reminds people how wonderful our world is, how strongly we are connected to it, and how powerful each of us is to make a difference.
I may be a wizard, but my goal is to help others see the magic that THEY possess.

~ Cyril the Sorcerer

“Cyril the Sorcerer is developing a program to formalize his presentation of environmental magic at a museum as well as teach a select group of magicians, environmental educators and youth how they can use magic to strengthen their presentations.  Mr. May is looking for financial, collaborative and networking support and would appreciate any suggestions you and others have for such partnerships.”