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This week’s P52PRO Assignment was to create an advertising-style photograph featuring women’s shoes – heels, straps or athletic. I chose a pair of classic pumps. After fooling around with four lights and various reflectors for an hour, I discovered a cool look using just one light.

Here’s the final shot and the setup shot below.
• For the surface, I used a piece of plexiglass placed on top of red mat board.
• An orange piece of board was used for the background.
• I left a gap between the two pieces of board to allow light to pass through from below.
• I put a flash on the floor under the table, shining up through the gap, to illuminate the background and the undersides of the shoes and the bottom of the cherry.
• Black cards were used on the sides of the shoes to eliminate unwanted reflections on the shoes.
• Finally, a white card was used on top to bounce light from the flash, onto the tops of the shoes, and the cherry.
• I got rid of the gap, and blurred the plexi surface to hide the scratches.
• A “Cross Process 2” filter was applied in Lightroom and the photo was cropped to spec.