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On Saturday February 4, Don Giannatti posted a quickie assignment/contest:

“Here’s the deal…
Your client just called and needs a shot of a glass full of clear liquid to represent a “clean water” initiative. He needs it Monday. By end of day.

It must be a vertical shot.
It must have a glass with liquid in it – clear liquid (no Corona…)
It can be done outside or inside or even a studio shot – his client is not picky as long as it….
… Shows clear, clean water in an interesting, graphic, cool, eye-grabbing, brain melting way.
OK, the brain melting was a little over the top, so you don’t actually have to melt any brains with the shot.
Nick and Eric are the judges. (I just volunteered them) and the winner gets a copy of the NEW book as soon as it is released.
Oh, look at the time… get on it for the win.”

Unbelievably… I won! Here are my 2 submissions (the first one is the actual winner).


These were taken just as I was reading David Hobby’s Strobist blog about mixing ambient light with flash. I set up in my daughter’s bedroom, which has great light and some clouds painted on the walls. I used a small light box as a table which created nice ambient light from below. The rest was luck.