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Project 52 Assignment – “Sign of the Times” book cover. A commentary on social media and our obsession with our screens. Thanks to Rachel Connolly and Scott W. for modeling! And to my partner Sandy for cracking the whip and making this shot happen.

Behind the Scenes:
Step 1: Sketch the idea.
Step 2: Find two well-dressed teenagers willing to sit for hours, staring at nine freshly boiled lobsters.
Step 3: Buy nine fresh lobsters a the local market.
Step 4: Gather additional props – fine flatware, candelabras, champagne and glasses.
Step 5: Lighting – two soft boxes with Canon 580 EX Speed lights on either side.
Step 6: Mask out the black background. Do Photoshop composite with flying hair and dress, cool clouds and foreground.

(Note: All photos are original – no stock images were used in this composite.)