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I recently visited a peacock named Kevin, and borrowed some of his feathers. Yes, friends of mine in Guilford,CT have a pet peacock who recently dropped his summer show of feathers.
After about age three, peacocks begin cycles of annual molting of their long tail feathers… usually in summer, around July or August. After each molting, the tail feathers will be longer and have more “eyes”.

I’m going to use the feathers in a portrait and wanted to post my work-in-progress.
I used a mannequin as the model so that I could form a “feather dress”.  (The mannequin is another story that will probably have its own post someday…)

Here’s Kevin… and his feathers.

Peacock, feathers-9164
Peacock dress-9171Peacock feather

Peacock dress-9192-Edit

Here’s the setup for the top part of the dress:
Peacock dress, behind-the-scenes

Update: Here’s the final image.