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One of the many things that Super 9 enjoys together is anything to do with the movie Despicable Me.  We love to quote it with the same passion as devotees of The Holy Grail which all of the Super 9 children must also be able to quote.  (We can all say, “We are now the knights who say, ‘Ekky-ekky-ekky-ekky-z’Bang, zoom-Boing, z’nourrwringgmm.”)

We planned to attend the opening night of Despicable Me 2 together at least two years in advance.  The night finally came this last week, and in preparation, all the Super 9 girls had their nails done.  We gathered around the Connolly kitchen table and choked the guys out of the kitchen with the fumes of nail polish solvent.

Among the topics of conversation, the question had to be answered, “Capes?  Or no capes?”  We decided to go out in full Super 9 regalia, as you can see here, along with #5’s minion Jorge.  She could not understand why #1 insisted on bringing him.

We arrived in plenty of time to take our portrait in front of the theatre.

Note to self:  it doesn’t matter how fast your lens is, it is impossible to get a photo inside the movie theater without a flash.