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Lifting Up Westchester – Feeding & Housing Our Neighbors in Need

We worked with Brian Penry of Penry Creative to produce two videos for Lifting Up Westchester, formerly Grace Church Community Center in White Plains, NY. Grace Church Community Center has been around for over 40 years and in need of a name change for almost as long. It is a major force of social services in Westchester County. In an effort to bring everyone (parishioners, board members, a staff of over 200, donors, community leaders, and clients) on board, the following video was created. (This is the short version created for a TV spot.) Watch the full version here.

Promotional Video for Cyril the Sorcerer

A 3-minute video project for local environmental magician, Cyril the Sorcerer (aka CJ May), featuring two of his most popular environmental magic shows, “Recycling is Magic” and “MAGITRICITY” which entertain children while teaching them about recycling, alternative energy, and sustainability.

“Friend” CJ on Facebook.

Or visit his website for more info: www.betterworldmagic.com

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“Little Girl with Great Big Plans”

Mary is a talented 14-year-old with big dreams of dancing on Broadway someday.
“Little Girl with Great Big Plans” is my first attempt at creating a video, and was directly inspired by Hailey Bartholomew and Sue Bryce and their workshop on Creative Live. This project was an exercise in following their recipe (almost to the letter) and learning their techniques. Thank you Sue and Hailey!

Model: Mary Markovitz. Music by Mindy Gledhill (Triple Scoop Music, used with permission).

Filmed at various locations in Connecticut: East Hampton, Wickham Park, Harkness Park; and New York City.

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Behind-the-Scenes Photography by Irene Liebler: A Year of Project 52 – 2013

A behind-the-scenes look at my weekly photography assignments for Project 52/2013… an online workshop lead by Don Giannatti. project52pros.com

“Project 52 PRO edition is something that started as an idea, and has become an amazing place of learning, teaching and sharing. It fills the gap between becoming a photographer and becoming a professional. Ideally you would assist for someone in the field for a few years, but that is not possible for everyone. This is the goal of Project 52 PRO – to teach you about that experience through experience.” ~Don Giannatti

“Tripping” by Paul Lisak & After The Ice
Album: It Happens All the Time

Used with permission through www.jamendo.com
Creative Commons License

2013: A Year of Photography by Irene Liebler-Project52 from Irene Liebler on Vimeo.

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Christine Ohlman Rocks the Madison Beach Hotel

It was a PERFECT night for an outdoor show… Christine Ohlman took the stage in her stylin’ beehive and kicked off Labor Day weekend to a mob of loyal followers at the Madison Beach Hotel. Here are a few shots and a video of a song called “A Shot of You” from The Hard Way released in 1995… one of my favorites!

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A Day at the Beach – York Beach, Maine USA

A personal project: While at York Beach in Maine, I was playing around with a fun App called 8mm, an easy-to-use retro video camera for the iPhone. Here’s a quick video I shot with my iPhone 4S and edited in Premiere, using my friend Pete’s music.
I did not set out to make a video while on vacation, but realized when I got home, that I had enough footage to put something together. Wish I could go back in time and get a few more shots.

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